Condensate drain

The Ceccato automatic condensate drain LD range LD200, LD202 and LD203 removes all condensate from your compressed air system. Full protection and improvement of production processes!
Condensate Drain

The condensate drain is a crucial part of your chain in order to discharge condensate at every moment.
Our intelligent LD range offers you 3 variants with increasing discharge capacity: LD200, LD202 and LD 203



Easy discharge of condensate throughout the complete compressed air chain.
Less wear of distribution network and equipment.
Less hold up in production.
Little maintenance needed.
Elimination of corrosion and freezing probleem.
Easy installation, thanks to the "easy lock" connection.
Reliability: strong resistant membrane and hard-coated aluminium receiver.
LED control panel with control, troubleshooting and reset function.
Discharges only water, no compressed air = energy saving.
No noise.

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