Adsorption Dryers

ADS 80

Perfectly clean and dry air system with a clever dew point management.


Adsorption removes the remaining g/air m³ water content that might condensate even downstream a refrigerant dryer. Its technology consists in simulating a temperature reduction down to -40 to -70°C (iso +3°C) to condensate the very last volume of water content in the air. This residual is removed and eliminated definitively. 
The Ceccato ADS adsorption dryers are recommended for the most demanding applications, where no pollution risk can be taken.



ADS 215

Provides first class air quality.
Wide range and many available options.
Light and compact design.
Ready to install, possible with integrated filtration solution.
No special foundation needed.
Long maintenance interval of 5 years.
Energy management solution available to minimize energy consumption.
Low pressure drop.
Automatic operation.
Compatible with any compressor technology.
Higher final product quality.
Increase your overall productivity.


See also Ceccato "Adsorption dryers" series brochure!

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