Since the end of 2012 we represent the Ceccato brand with PELTOC OÜ. We have created a website for this purpose, to bring all customers Ceccato products, as well as a more detailed overview of the overall Air system.
   Ceccato compressor is a well-known Italian manufacturer since 1938, which now belongs to Atlas Copco Group, which is currently the world's largest manufacturer of pneumatic tools.
  Ceccato product range includes a wide variety of compressed air systems, such as piston and screw compressors, air dryers, line filters, tanks and heat exchangers for all kinds of different areas. 

To find the right pneumatic equipment

To find the right pneumatic equipment, we have included as much information on the homepage of the products offered, such as videos, and programs to assist the calculation of "Useful information" page. If you should have any questions, however, not find a suitable device, or you want advice, please feel free to contact us and we will help you.

It should first find out how big is your compressed air your production, workshop, equipment, or elsewhere in the necessary place together. Therefore must be either piston or screw compressor.